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Morgan Koth, FMHC, CPT, Founder, and CEO of OptimumU Health & Wellness Inc.

I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother, and a  friend.  As a company, we strive to be honest with you, and with the information we share to help you grow and learn. To give you hope and inspire you to be the best version of your self. To be fair and to be grateful with what we have and to always be learners in this field of health & wellness. I believe life is a progression, not an attempt for perfection. I have been on this journey of body and mind improvement for a long time and am still learning as I go.  When I was younger, I thought I knew what health was; ended up, I didn’t have a clue.  So I built an app with the knowledge I have gained thus far to help me, and you gain some insight.  The more we all learn about health and wellness, the better we all can become.

A little bit of backstory on how OptimumU came about: my dad’s diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes and subsequent death from its complications moved me down a path I am still traveling. In my thirties, I lived, what I thought, was a healthy lifestyle, but I wondered if there was more I could be doing to ensure the future I imagined. I wanted to see my kids grow up, score their first jobs, and walk down the aisle.  I wanted to be that awesome grandpa who could still get down on the floor with the grandkids and give them piggyback rides through the park. I wanted to travel with my wife.

For years, I’d watched my dad endure endless cycles of pills, checkups, poor results, waiting, more medicines, more checkups, and more waiting. I was sad to lose my father, but just as painful was watching him struggle with the condition that seemed, at least in part, preventable. My own experience with hypothyroidism, paralleled with my dad’s diabetes, opened my eyes to the reality of the power we have over our health and well-being. We need to listen to our bodies, and let them do their jobs of self-healing and self-correcting through proper nutrition, stress relief, exercise, and gratitude for what we have.

OptimumU was founded on the belief that we can all get there; we can all be our best; it is inside of us.  We have to get it.

Thank you for your trust in us, and thank you for coming along to help discover your Optimum U.- see you on the Leaderboard.

Jeanne Goshe, The Editor

Jeanne is the content manager of OptimumU, which means that sometimes she writes words, and sometimes she rewrites other people’s words. She’s a copywriter in Portland, Oregon and a vocal advocate of eating broccoli every day. She used to think that she couldn’t run, but it turns out that she just had severe anemia. Now her blood is normal and she can run 2 MILES at a time, which is 1.9 miles more than she used to be able to run. She wrote her own bio in the third person because it’s just easier that way.

Jessica Wernz, The Relationships Manager

Jessica literally cannot leave her home in Ohio without making a new friend so it makes sense that she’s the Relationship Manager at OptimumU. Above all, she is a people person. She enjoys running long distances, obtaining college degrees, and joining gyms. At any given time, she belongs to approximately 6 gyms. She has 2 beautiful and entertaining children and one of the largest dogs in the world. She also knows French and has very long hair, although it used to be longer. She sleeps about 3 hours a night and paid Jeanne to write this bio.

The Business Developers

Steve Castorino

I have always been extremely active. Morgan and I forged our friendship around athletics and fitness. I graduated Eastern Connecticut State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. I moved to Colorado shortly after college in 1998 to take advantage of all the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer.

I’ve been in Sales/Business Development for 21 years. Fitness has been a big part of my life since I was a boy and I am so excited to spread the word about this amazing App and everything it can do to transform lives!

Thomas Williams

With significant experience in online Product/Service Marketing, my strength and interest is rooted in clear and effective communication combined with accountable strategic process, program and services development. Using technology to provide customers with services that are intuitive, useful and if done correctly, could almost be considered extensions of their own way of doing things!

I’m also a family man who works with my wonderful wife to support and nurture our kids as we journey and look to find our way through this life together. As a former collegiate athlete, personal health is very important to me and I remain active through sports such has weight lifting, spinning, golf and basketball. When I have recreational time, I like to listen to music, sing karaoke and occasionally write a lyric or two…but don’t tell Morgan, he’d actually want to hear my songs.

I hope you enjoy using OptimumU as much as Morgan and our team have enjoyed designing it.

Joni Castorino, The Marketing Guru

After graduating from Ithaca College in NY with an Advertising degree, I decided to head west to live near the Colorado Rockies. I have spent most of my career working within Marketing and Advertising, but have always stayed close to holistic health and wellness since discovering it in college. This included pursuing this personal passion by going back to school and getting a Certified Nutrition Therapist degree from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO. I had my own nutrition practice for a while and have continued to use my education in holistic nutrition both personally and with my family and friends.

I have an amazing family and I couldn’t be where I am without them; my supportive husband Steve, beautiful 3 year old son, and fountain of youth 12 year old dog. We love living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and whenever I need to find my inner peace, I know I can always get it by heading west. For me there is nothing more grounding than the sound of no one around, the trees swaying in the wind, and the closeness and connection to nature and animals.

The body is a highly complex symphony that needs healthy and balanced fuel from food, physical activity for strength and cardiovascular health, and a healthy mind through positive thinking and relationships. I am delighted to have the opportunity to share with you tips on how to approach healthy eating. Wishing you a wonderful journey to discover your Optimum You!

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