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Home Screen


Home Screen & Widgets

The home screen features a series of swipe-able cards at the top that let you cycle through viewing the Fitness Score and OptimumU Score.  Below the Fitness Score is a collection of widgets. You can add a widget to the home screen for most of the features in the app. The New Score Insights shows up whenever the Fitness Score changes - check it out to see what moved your score.  By default, all widgets will be visible. You can swipe left to remove a widget and add a widget by scrolling to the bottom of the home screen and touching Edit Home Page


Health Scores

This top card is swipe-able and currently shows the Fitness score. The other card - the OptimumU Score - does not show up unless you have unlocked the Score by entering in your health data.  



From the home screen, you can press the upper left corner icon, and you will be taken to your profile. From here, you can edit your basic information, login, and adjust some app settings as well as view the Health Score explanations. 



Challenges & Leaderboard

The Motivate main screen displays options for the two features contained

within it:  Challenges & Goals and the Leaderboard


Social Challenges and Personal Goals

The Challenges & Goals main screen has a few sections: 1. A tab to switch between a list view or a calendar view of your challenges and goals. 2. A list of your current challenges and goals. Each card can be selected to view more details. 3. A list of three recommended challenges and goals with a button to see all challenges and goals. 4. A list of all your past challenges and goals in reverse chronological order (most recently completed at the top).



This leaderboard shows the rankings throughout the entire app by Fitness Score.  Go get em!



Tribes & Coaches

The Connect main screen displays options for the two features contained

within it: Tribes & Experts



Tribes connect you to communities of people within the app who have similar fitness levels, goals, and interests. Because we’re better together.


One on One Coaching

By tapping, Coaches, you will leave the app to a landing page to connect on an OptimumU Facebook Private Group as well as for health and fitness coaches that may be able to help you in a one on one situation.  Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC) and ACE professional can not only help you maximize your workout; they may be able to help you stay motivated.



Workouts, Breathing Coach, Journaling, Time Restricted Eating & A Place to Learn More

The Improve main screen displays options for the five features contained within it: Workouts, Breathing Coach, Gratitude Journaling,  Time-Restricted Eating & Learn More.



OptimumU offers four different workouts that allow you to choose your desired intensity. You select High, Moderate, or Low-intensity level, and decide between full body and targeted routines


Time Restricted Eating

Time-restricted eating may trigger some beneficial health effects, such as reduced fat mass, increased lean muscle mass, and reduced inflammation.  We do not know everything about food and how it affects our bodies, but what we can say with confidence is that snacking after your last meal adds calories, and that can lead to increased weight.  To use the feature, Create a schedule by using the dropdown, within that dropdown, you can select a preset time frame for fasting/eating. There is also an option for a custom timeframe.  Please note - Fasting longer than 24 hours should only be done under the supervision of a health care provider.



Menstrual Tracking, Wellness Metrics, Add Data Manually, & Time Machine

There is always More when it comes to health.


Time Machine

What was I doing last Fall that made me feel so amazing? Find out. The Time Machine records and stores data so that you can see what you were eating, doing, and feeling when you were at the top of your game.


Add Data Manually

When you elect to Manually Add Data from the menu screen, you will see a list of criteria that can be added.  The first 15 items are all related to your fitness score.  When available, these values are collected via nudges, calculated within the app, or synced with Apples Health Kit.  The remaining eight items are the values involved in the calculation of the OptimumU Score.  Some of these values can be synchronized via the Apple Health Kit, or you can add these values manually after a visit with your Doctor.   The Push-ups and Squats options will link to the assessments in the Workout feature of the app.

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